Release 0.6

Centerline Scores: Release 0.6

As promised, here are the Release Notes for changes that impacted the live version of  Most of these changes were implemented into the live site between July 23 and August 12.  Below we have listed the internal tracking # (FogBugz case # really) of the cases that were resolved and a short description of what was changed/implemented.

Most people won’t be interested in this, but some will.  So putting it out here.  :)

449: Add Qualified Rider Awards to Awards section

Add the older “Qualified Rider” award (10 scores at 60% or better) to the Rider Awards pages.  I don’t think this award is given any more.

442: Add support for Young Horse Rankings

Add Preliminary experimental support for Young Horse and Developing Horse rankings. *NOT TO BE REFERENCED or USED for ANYTHING OFFICIAL*

445: Site subsections are not working in IE7/IE8

IE7/8 do not implement the Array.filter() method from Javascript 1.6 which is supported natively in all other browsers.  This was causing the site “tabs” to not be clickable, because of the Javascript error firing behind the scenes related to the Score visualization code.  Added  the method manually based on this post from  Net result, IE7 & IE8 work properly now.

420: Add “Date of Last Ride” to secondary (Horse/Rider) grid

Add the date of the last ride/score to the secondary grid for profiles (for Rider profile, add date to Horses tab; for Horse profile, add date to Riders tab).

421: Homepage layout redesign, Add rotating “slides” of content

Refactored homepage to use a rotating slider. Cleaned up the instructional text on the homepage.  Added instructions about refining the search for horses (owner’s name, breed name, etc.).  Currently showing 3 “slides”:  Search Box, List of Recent  Medalists (top 10 for each medal) and the list of the most recently updated shows (top 15 shows updated with scores).

463: Update Test ID coding for JR/YR Tests

Update Junior and Young Rider tests to show correct level (4th or PSG depending on test obviously).  Merge and Standardize names of all historical JR/YR tests.

477: Add Horse Performance Awards to each Horky Profile

By request, added Horse Performance Certificates to each horse profile.  Now updated along with Rider Awards.  Thanks to Crescendo1219 for the request, I actually didn’t realize that these were published and available.

405: Change Algorithm for Rider Classification

Because we only have a limited range of results data (from 1992 – current) and some of the older data (1992-2002) is less complete, sometimes, Riders are incorrectly classified as riding at a lower level than their complete record should indicate.  Based on feedback from users, we updated the algorithm for determining Rider level Classification with the following tweaks to:

  • Default: Set Rider level based on the highest level that has been ridden successfully (i.e. with a single score of 60% or better).
  • If Rider has medals on file that would indicate a higher level than the available data, use that information for level.  (e.g.  If we only have PSG rides on file for someone because their Grand Prix rides were before 1992, but they have their Gold medal, we know that they have successfully ridden at Grand Prix, so we assign that rider to “Grand Prix” as their maximum level.
  • Final check.  If a rider has no rides of 60% or better at Training Level or above, we assign a blank level to be displayed.

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