Intro Walk/Trot

Welcome to the first entry of the blog.  The plan is to post items  here that are of interest to the users of and the dressage community in general, such as:

  • Articles related to our research and analysis of the nearly 1.5 million dressage scores that are behind the profiles and statistics you see on
  • Release notes and updates about new features on the site.
  • Interesting discussions and articles about dressage scoring and judging.
  • Anything else that is cool and even tangentially dressage- or equine-related.

Let me start out by saying thanks so much to everyone who has visited the website!  The traffic in our first month has been unexpected.  Over 20,000 visits from 10,387 visitors from all over the world for a total of 136K page views.  Wow!  On top of that, 500+ people have “Liked” the site on Facebook, along with tons of “Likes” for individual horses and riders.

It’s not just the traffic that has been surprising either.  The feedback and response we’ve gotten from users has been overwhelmingly positive.  Even those who think that what we’ve done with the data is “a little creepy” are still excited to have the resource available for the dressage community.

I am a full-time computer nerd by day and a barn and show husband on the weekends. is a labor of love that has been the culmination of about 15 months of work (lots of waking at 4 am and coding til 8 am), but we’re not done yet.  We will be continuing t0 add new features and functionality in the coming weeks and months and would love to hear any ideas you might have for ways to improve or enhance the experience and functionality at





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