CenterlineScores is Faster with some small Tweaks

We’ve just released a small upgrade to (version 0.9).  There are a number of behind-the-scenes changes which have made the site much MUCH faster.  In addition, based on feedback from users, we have modified some of the features of the site:

  • The “labels” displayed both on Google Search results pages and on Rider Profile pages has been modified.  One extremely reasonable German-born trainer here in the US (who has no real interest in show riding but only in training her riders and horses) pointed out that to label her as a “First Level Dressage Rider” isn’t quite accurate and especially so when that is displayed out of context inside Google Search results.  Effective today, our feeds to Google will no longer include any Rider level designation at all, please be patient as this may take a week or so to propagate into the index.  In addition, the “label” displayed on a Rider’s profile page will only indicate the highest level ridden successfully (60.0% or better) and the highest score achieved at that level as show here…

    Rider Profile pages now display the highest level successfully shown and the highest score at that level. 


  •  The Current and Historical Score Averages section on each rider’s profile page has now been updated to show Lifetime Median Scores by Level.  These provide an at-a-glance summary of a rider’s median score performance by the levels.
  • We also fixed a couple of small annoying bugs such as the way the homepage would rotate out from underneath you when you were trying to look up a new rider or horse.

What’s Ahead?

We’ve got a number of new features in the works and would love to hear some feedback on what YOU think we should add to the site.

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