Updates to Horse Search

Based on user feedback, we’ve added some slight tweaks to the way we display the results of horse searches.

Current Search Functionality:  

  • You have always been able to search by a horse’s USDF #, so if I want to find Ravel as ridden by Steffen Peters, I can search for 1056532 and find Ravel, owned by Akiko Yamazaki and ridden by Steffen.




  • In addition, every horse can also be searched for not only by name but also by breed and owner’s name.  So if I wanted to find all Dutch Warmbloods named Anthem I can type in “Anthem Dutch”.  Or if I wanted to find all Hanoverians named “Beemer” I can search for “Beemer Hanoverian”.  If I know the owner’s last name, I can use that to narrow the search, so, again, searching for Ravel #1056532, I can just type in “Ravel Yamazaki” and I get the same result.

But there was a problem.  

A few of our users noticed a problem with the way the results were displayed in the drop-down list of the search though.  There were some cases where horses of the same breed and name were being merged in the search results displayed and when clicked only one would be displayed (typically the one with the lower USDF #).  We’ve fixed that.

New Search Functionality Added:

This usability issue has been corrected with the following display changes:

    • For all horses, we now display the horse’s highest level attained.  So for Ravel, for example, you will now see “Ravel (Dutch Warmblood – Grand Prix)”.
    • If there is more than one horse with the same name and the same level, you will also see that horse’s USDF # displayed. As an example, the most common horse name over the last 15 years has been “Romeo” (or some variation).  If you do a search for Romeo you can see tons of different horses.  If I do a search for “Romeo Dutch” I see that I still have multiple results at each level, but they are differentiated by the actual horse #.

We think that the new results will help surface those horses that were being “hidden” by the old search results display.  Also, the additional information will help enhance the search results for all other horses being searched.

As always, thanks for visiting and using the site and please remember to”Like” us on Facebook.

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