2012 Young Horse and Developing Horse Results

CenterlineScores.com has the results for the 2012 USEF Young Horse and Developing Horse Championships.  We are also excited to announce that, once again, we have the score component details for all of the Young Horse classes courtesy of show announcer extraordinaire:  Nicho Meredith.  For those of you who follow Nicho on Facebook, you know that not only was he doing an amazing job announcing the event but he was essentially live-scribing the scores directly to Facebook as well.

Here at CenterlineScores.com we’ve taken that data and squished it into a graphic to show the relative values of all of the individual score components (Walk, Trot, Canter, etc.) for each of the competitors in the Young Horse Classes.  You can see illustrated below, the partial results from the 4-Year Old Young Horse Championships:

The final total score (which you can find everywhere on the web) is on the right.  In addition though, you can also see the scores for each component (for the 5-year old and 6-year old results, these will be weighted 40% for the Preliminary and 60% for the Finale tests).  So, for example, you can see that Ashley and Don Frederic from High Valley Hanoverians scored a 7.9 on the Trot, an 8.2 on the Walk, etc.  The center of the bar graphic represents the average for that test component for all competitors in the class.  A green bar indicates that the pair scored above the average and a blue bar indicates that the pair scored below the average for the class.

One thing that is extremely interesting to note for the Young Horse classes is that the Judge’s collective opinion on General Impression almost perfectly ranks with the overall final score.  Anecdotally, this means that if we had asked this judge panel to score the classes based on the General Impression score alone, the final outcome (in most cases) would have changed very little.  This would seem to indicate that the judges are integrating all of the individual components fairly accurately into the General Impression score.

In addition, as always, every horse and rider is linked to their online profile page on CenterlineScores.com.  Let us know what you think about the Young Horse / Developing Horse results in the comments below.

Links for Young Horse / Developing Horse Results on CenterlineScores.com:


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