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Its been a little while since we’ve announced new content or features on CenterlineScores.com, but today we are announcing two new changes:

Year End & All Breeds Awards

Beginning today, both Year End and All Breeds Award Placings (up to 20th place) will be displayed on Horse and Rider profiles in the “Recent Achievements” section.  In addition, we have modified the display so that it groups Achievements/Awards by year (making the list a good bit easier to read in the process).


For these new awards, we currently only have data available for the 2012 and 2011 Competition Years so prior to then, we won’t display any Year End or All Breeds award placings.

Display Advertising

As most regular users know, CenterlineScores.com has not run ads on the site in nearly a year.  We were concerned because the layout forced by the Google-based advertising was not in keeping with the aesthetic of the site and was often obtrusive (both to the eye and in the content presented by Google’s ad engine).

Since that time, we have reworked the layout so that the ads are as seamlessly integrated as possible.  In addition, we have opted to only accept advertising from and for companies and products that we believe in, use or do business with.  So, we are proud to announce our first 3 advertisers for the site:

  • HorseShow.com:  We are super excited to feature HorseShow.com as our banner advertiser.  Our friends there (especially Chief Operating Officer Gil Merrick) have been supportive and have encouraged our efforts here from the very beginning.  HorseShow.com continues to push the boundaries of both technology and Equestrian Sport with their online coaching and showing platform.
  • Lisa Seger Insurance:  Lisa Seger and her associates are partnered with equine insurance industry leader the Markel Company and offer a vast array of coverages: equine mortality, major medical, private horse owner liability, trainer liability, farm and ranch and many others that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. My wife and I have both of our horses insured through Lisa with Markel and can testify first-hand to their superior quality of service for their clients.  Look for Lisa and her folks at the shows and in the barns.  You can visit with them online or via phone.  CenterlineScores.com is proud to recommend them as your horse, farm and ranch insurance resource.
  • Ron Smeets Dressage Horses: Based in Netherlands near Maastricht and within driving distance from Aachen, Germany, Ron’s farm is easily accessible from both Amsterdam and Düsseldorf airports.  My wife has trained (both here in the states as well as in Holland) with Ron for the last 3 years and we located, bought and imported our Dutch Warmblood gelding, Zidane, through him.  Ron teaches clinics throughout Europe and regularly conducts clinics for his students in Georgia and Florida.  In addition, he is now available for coaching sessions through HorseShow.com’s innovative new Online Coaching platform and at this time is the only Dutch trainer on the platform.

We hope you enjoy the new features.  Look for more from us over the next few months and please remember to support our sponsors!





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