Clarification for Older Riding Records

One of the difficulties we are often asked about on is about the completeness of the records.  As you can read in our FAQ, the currently available data for dressage records basically extends back to 2003.  Between 1991 and 2003, the records are spotty as it looks like not every show was reported on and kept at USDF electronically.  Prior to 1991 it is sporadic and while we do have some rides that stretch further back, it is not very useful.

In response to feedback from the user community, we’re going to be adding a prominent notice on all older Rider profiles that are likely to have an incomplete record.  Below is a mockup of the notice:

2014-11-05 08_39_26-Hangout_ Jay Stevens ● Clay Benoit is the most complete and most accurate source for dressage scoring and show results data for United States Equestrian Federation recognized Dressage Shows. The site has over 1.8 million dressage scores for shows from 1993 on and serves as the premiere destination for Dressage enthusiasts interested in researching scores and show results for Horses, Riders and Trainers.This analysis and all associated charts are Copyrighted 2014 by and Ghetto Dressage, LLC.  All rights reserved.  Do not reproduce without permission.

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