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Clarification for Older Riding Records

Clarification for Older Riding Records

One of the difficulties we are often asked about on CenterlineScores.com is about the completeness of the records.  As you can read in our FAQ, the currently available data for dressage records basically extends back to 2003.  Between 1991 and 2003, the records are spotty as it looks like not every show was reported on […]

Announcing the Rider Rating System

Rider Rating System   The CenterlineScores.com Rider Rating™ system is a new way to rate, rank and evaluate Dressage riders.  The system is modeled after the Dutch National points system. Rather than focusing only on short-term score performance, the CenterlineScores.com system rewards riders who have proven success over time, up the levels and on more […]

What's New on CenterlineScores.com?

What’s New on CenterlineScores.com?

          Its been a little while since we’ve announced new content or features on CenterlineScores.com, but today we are announcing two new changes: Year End & All Breeds Awards Beginning today, both Year End and All Breeds Award Placings (up to 20th place) will be displayed on Horse and Rider profiles […]

Dressage Association of Southern California

DASC Championship Placings have been added to Profiles

Dressage is big in California. California is big on CenterlineScores.com. Visitors from the most populous US State account for roughly 15% of all visits to our site, that’s 2x as much as the next closest state. Last year, we announced that we were adding California Dressage Society Championship “Achievements” to both Rider and Horse profiles. […]